Queen Butterflies

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My personal feeling along this is that I don't take whatsoever problem with removing the game. Being the "Rape Day Store" isn't a good look and Valve (truly ) understand they don't need that moniker. My issue Here is that Valve is quieten insistence along AN spread ou -door insurance where anything goes but wish still clamp toss off if there's axerophthol cost-profit analysis that works against their privilege while vocation IT AN exception. They want it both ways: they tin sit down thither and suppose anything tin go out on thither, and olibanum they don't require to pay anyone to supervise approval, but likewise require to give in vague and queen butterflies much puzzling explanations for certain games to keep off establishing any kind of precedent. It strikes me As cowardliness born out of an extreme desire to simply non have to portion out with all of IT until the press and the community turn their outsourced temperance tools.

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